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June 1, 2020
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Second Place:
Nostalgia Utopia / Liang Jiawei + Hong Tao (China)

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Since China's reform and opening up, urban development, population change and infrastructure construction have reconstructed time and space, landscape has shown fluidity. After this barrier is broken, the connection between ideology and advanced cultural thoughts, spatial arrangement and cultural environment transformation have all constructed self-spectacle space. In "fluid modernity", excessive, short, casual reflect the drastic changes of modern society, the characteristics of fracture and fragmentation, Modern are deeply immersed in the anxiety of "Rootlessness", so nostalgia cannot be avoided. In the three gorges dam project carried out in 2012, due to the construction reasons, a large area of migration project was needed, and a large number of residents moved out of their original living places, including the sense of time-space distance between their birthplace and familiar places. Nostalgia serves as a defense mechanism to bridge the gap caused by modernity.

In the issues above, the author in the upstream of the Yangtze river area constructed an aquatic life community, using the existing technology and measures in the construction of the three gorges project is to allow migrated people to return to the community life; structure become flexible, modular device using construction module settings try to improve the three gorges reservoir area of wetland and animal husbandry in the original ecological problems, making community through the space of human activities and to spreading development phases of construction, trying to "Nostalgia" in the ruins of the forgotten Memories retrieved.


Liang Jiawei
Born in China in 1994 / Graduated from Guangdong University of Technology in 2018 / Nowadays studying and working in London


Hong Tao
Born in China in 1997 / Graduating from Guangdong  University of Technology in 2020